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♥Name: Shelley
♥Age: 15
♥Location: Northampton, England, United Kingdom

♥Sexuality: Open-Minded
♥Favorite bands: The Birthday Massacre, Jack Off Jill, Switchblade Symphony, Mortiis, Kiew, Neuroticfish, Hocico, Apoptygma Berzerk, Cat Rapes Dog, BlutEngel, Velvet Acid Christ, VNV Nation, My Ruin, Marilyn Manson, Assemblage 23, Icon Of Coil, Queen Adreena, ToyBox (unsigned band... www.the-toy-box.tk... there are some rough mp3s on there).
♥Weapon of choice:
♥If you could do anything illegal and not get caught, what would you do?: Go to an illegal rave in the middle of some forest, get absolutely wasted and joy ride some cars whilst wasted. I would also steal lots of stuff, and smother a dirty thong (not necessarily mine) in someone's face.
♥Would you marry He-man or She-ra?: No, sorry but cartoons just don't do it for me.
♥Now post at least 3 pictures behind cut....
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